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All our approvals and authorisations

Control of discharges and waters of public hydraulic domain
Accredited collaborator entity of the Ministry of the Environment for the control of discharges and waters of public hydraulic domain. Test Laboratory
Approval by the Government of Navarre as Accredited and Acknowledged Laboratory
According to Regional Decree 239/1999, 21 June, which regulates the recognition, accreditation and control of Agrifood Laboratories of Navarre.
Accreditation by the Catalan community as Environmental Health and Food Laboratory.
Approval by the GENERALITAT, including CNTA in the REGISTER OF ACCREDITED LABORATORIES according to Decree 126/199 which regulates the authorisation, accreditation and registration of Environmental Health and Food Laboratories in the accredited laboratory section.
Authorisation by the Community of Castile La Mancha as laboratory for the execution of
According to Decree 43/2003, of 8 April, on authorisations of laboratories for the performance of health analyses on substances and products related to environmental and food health.
Accreditation as expert Laboratory for Consumer Affairs in La Rioja.
According to Order of 5 December 1994 of the Regional Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare on Accreditation of expert and quality control laboratories.
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