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Integrated policy

Integrated quality, environment and occupational risk prevention policy

Our policy is to reach a high degree of Quality and Safety in all our activities, offering technical support and services to the Agrifood Industry.

Our commitment

Satisfy the requirements established with the client, with the environmental and regulatory legal requirements related to the service as well as those subscribed by the actual organisation.
Guarantee the safety and health of all the people who form part of the organisation.
Guarantee the preservation and protection of the Environment, minimising the environmental impact of the organisation's activity.

Our actions

  • Apply maximum scientific and technical rigour in the tests performed and in the interpretation and compliance with standards in accordance with our clients' needs.
  • Use all the means required to pursue the agreement of the Quality System with the specifications of the reference standards (UNE-EN-ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) carrying out a continuous improvement process that permits fulfilling the goals.
  • Exercise suitable control over the technical activities and organisational solutions available to achieve the contents of the previous sections.
  • The active protection of the health and safety of its workers and of its facilities, as a basic principle for the development of the activity, achieving safe processes and operations for the workers as well as for the clients.
  • We assume the commitment to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements, as well as any others that are subscribed to with respect to Quality, Environment and Occupational Risk Prevention.
  • Extend the commitment to implement the Policy and System.
  • Establish feasible goals and objectives, and periodically monitor them using through the relative indicators.
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