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The most important milestones in our entrepreneurial trajectory

CNTA began to implement the 2009-2012 Strategic Plan with a planned investment of around 5 million Euros, an 800 m2 extension to its laboratory facilities and an additional 35 people among its research and technical staff.

On the 5th and 6th of November 2008, at the Auditorium and Congress Centre of Navarre (Baluarte), CNTA organised the II International Congress on Food Science and Technology: "Food and Health". The Congress was supported institutionally by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Government of Navarre and by San Adrian Town Council (Navarre). Sponsors of the event included ANAIN (Innovation Agency of Navarre), Ciudad Agroalimentaria of Tudela and Olus Tecnologia, with the collaboration of Pamplona City Council and Reyno Gourmet.

In 2003, CTNCV finally changed its name to become the National Centre for Technology and Food Safety (CNTA), covering the entire agrifood sector and with new facilities.

1991 was a key year, when the Laboratorio del Ebro became the first National Technical Centre for Vegetable Preserves (CTNCV). This substantial change led to an increase in activity as well as to a considerable increase in staff, thus leading to the extension work on the facilities, which was carried out in 1996..

San Adrian Town Council granted a plot of land to construct a building: offices and laboratory. There were 4 technicians on the staff and that is how everything began, under the protection of the Food Technology and Agrichemical Institute. The environment was good and positive for the canning industry. It was better to have a common laboratory, rather than each company having one individually. Centralising the laboratory was a common initiative by many entrepreneurs from the Ebro Valley area.

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