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  • Pilot plant for the extraction of supercritical fluids (1)
  • Membrane filtration equipment from microfiltration to reverse osmosis. (1)
  • High-voltage electric impulse equipment at pilot plant scale (DIL 5 kw ELCRACK system)
  • High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), preparative scale with fraction collector
  • Antioxidant capacity determination equipment via chemoluminiscence (Photochem®)
  • Freeze dryer
  • MACS 500 + AIRLOCK Anaerobiosis station
  • Cell Culture equipment
  • CO2 incubator (heal force, hf 160w)
  • LaminarTelstar pv-30/70 Flow Booth
  • NIKON IP 120 inverted microscope
  • Automatic colony count equipment (PROTOCOL)


  • Spray drying at laboratory scale
  • Particle formation extruder
  • Fluid bed for particle drying
  • Food preparation and treatment pilot plant


  • Pilot high pressure treatment system (FPG 11500.B, Stansted Fluid Power, LTD.). 5 l. capacity. Pressure intensity up to 8000 atmospheres and temperature up to 110ºC
  • Multi-chamber high pressure treatment system (4 units) S-FL-085-9-W (Stansted Fluid Power, LTD.). 30 ml unit capacity. Pressure intensity up to 9000 atmospheres and temperature up to 110ºC
  • High-voltage electric impulse equipment at pilot plant scale (DIL 5 kw ELCRACK system)
  • Ozonisation equipment (EUROZON 03, Millennium Ecolab)
  • Water electrolysis equipment
  • Food preparation and treatment pilot plant
  • Bioreactors (BIOBUNDLE APPLIKO). 3-10 l capacity
  • Fraction collectors
  • Control Module and Sonication Probe (BRANSON)
  • Automatic colony count equipment (PROTOCOL)
  • Thermocycler (STRATAGENE MX3005 P)
  • DHPLC (Denaturating High Performance Liquid Chromatography) TRANSGENOMIC
  • Rapid microbiology equipment (MICROFOSS 128)
  • X-Rite SP64 c colorimeter
  • TA-TX plus texture analyser (Stable Micro System, mod. TA-Hdi, ANAME S.L.
  • Digital refractometer, Fibrometer, Turbidimeter, Viscosimeter, Densimeter and Consistometer, BOSTWICK
  • Gas analyser (Oxybaby®, WITT)
  • Automatic Titler (Metrohm 794 Basic Titrino)
  • awTermoconstanter measurer
  • Automated tasting room
  • Storage equipment with temperature and humidity control: Frigothermostats, freezer chambers, climate chambers, incubation ovens.


  • ICP-MS equipment (Agilent)
  • UPLC/MS-MS systems, 3 HPLC equipped with DAD detectors, FLD, refractive index and post-column derivatisation system and 2 Dionex Ionic Chromatographs
  • GC equipment equipped with different detectors (FID, NPD, ECD, MS, and 4 VarianSaturn 2000 MSn), Headspace and COC-PVT injectors, and Purga-Trampa
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) in flame and 1 in graphite chamber with Zeeman corrector (Perkin Elmer)
  • Flame photometer
  • UV-VIS spectrophotometry system
  • Rancimat equipment to measure oxidative stability in oils
  • Pressure-assisted ASE extractor
  • TOC equipment
  • Tempo rapid quantification system (Biomerieux)
  • Minividas rapid microorganism detection system via immunoassay
  • Water filtration system for analyses (ramps / peristaltic pump)
  • Bioluminescence measurer to control surface contamination
  • Air sampling device to measure microbiological contamination
  • Electrothemal micro-diffusor to disinfect environments
  • PE 2400 and AB 9700 thermocyclers, and Lifecycler and Stratagence Mx3005p quantitative thermocyclers
  • Automatic fragment analysis and sequencing system via capillary electrophoresis, AbiPrism 310 (Applied Biosystems), horizontal and vertical electrophoresis systems.
  • Image capturing system via CCD camera for electrophoresis gels.
  • Micro-leaks and refrigerated centrifuges
  • ELISA plate reader
  • Oximeter, Flowmeter
  • Axial resistance measuring device and radial resistance measuring device


  • Industrial kitchen: Electric glass ceramic hob, electric oven, microwave, Gastrovac, Thermomix, fryer, coffee makers, beaters, etc.
  • Food preparation and treatment pilot plant


  • Pre-treatment reactor
  • New Brunswick Scientific bioreactor, Bioflo model. 3-10 l capacity
  • GC-TCD-FID equipment
  • Solution spray system
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