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Control laboratories, in-process assistance service and environmental sustainability department


The analytical and in-process assistance control service provides the foundations and infrastructure to carry out the activities demanded by companies and other organisations. This strategic activity field also includes three activity lines: the different control laboratories, the in-process assistance service and the environmental sustainability department.


The analytical control area of CNTA has the latest analytical technologies accredited by standards UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, so as to offer fast results through online services; and control product specifications: quality and safety. Its services portfolio includes more than 200 techniques that cover all the production process phases (raw material and ingredients; intermediate products; finished product and containers) and they guarantee full coverage in:

  • Execution of basic and specific analyses, and new needs
  • Interpretation and monitoring of results
  • Technical execution of R&D&I projects with an analytical component

The laboratory area has the following specification control lines:

  • Food composition analysis. Nutritional parameters (Nutritional value Group I and Group II, including functional or nutraceutic substances) and additives
  • Allergen detection. Gluten and other allergens.
  • Food microbiology. Reference and rapid analysis of spoiling, indicator and pathogen microorganisms.
  • Detection of contaminating substances in food. Pesticides, acrylamide, melamine, bisphenols, heavy metals, mycotoxins...
  • Molecular biology. Detection of transgenics, identification of microorganisms, species differentiation, genetic traceability.
  • Drinking water analysis. Water control plan, pursuant to the applicable legislation on bottled water (RD 1074/2002 and RD 1744/2003) and on drinking water (RD 140/2003).
  • Product quality and shelf-life. Compliance with specifications according to regulation. Shelf-life studies.
  • Packaging quality control and analysis. Verification of quality and adaptation of food packaging.


CNTA places the in-process assistance activity at its clients' disposal. A team of specialist technicians, who travel to the facilities of the business clients to carry out the following activities, among others:

  • Calibration service in different magnitudes. Temperature, mass, pH, pressure, length, conductivity and refractometry.
  • Advice and validation of thermal treatment.
  • Advice on the industrial development of processes and products. Development of trials at pilot plants
  • Food labelling. Complete review/preparation of labels. Preparation of nutritional labels.
  • Development of process and product trials at pilot plant


  • Waste water control plan. Characteristics of the waste of a business (load and flow), calculation of the water treatment levy, existing pre-treatment efficiency, treatment applicability (decantation, filtration,.), etc.
  • Sludge characterisation
  • Measurement of partial and total flows
  • Minimisation of consumption and pollutant load in process
  • Treatment trials at pilot plants. Via biological treatments, coagulation-flocculation, activated charcoal, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, disinfection, etc.
  • Treatment process monitoring
  • Eco-diagnoses (environmental reviews) Review of the situation of the business relating to environmental and legal compliance, proposal of corrective and improvement actions, with economic evaluation. Prerequisite for implementation of ISO 14000.
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