Work experience programme

Complete your academic education with us

Internships at CNTA are an opportunity to complete your academic education with real-life work experience, as a way of starting out on your career.


  • Duration 1-3 months
  • Working conditions similar to those of the rest of the staff
  • Need for a prior agreement with your University or Centre
  • Prior application for acceptance at CNTA
  • Directed at students in their final years of study


  • Work as part of a highly-qualified team
  • Work tasks in line with your academic curriculum and area of interest
  • Possibility of working in different food industry-related areas:
    • Marketing and Business Development
    • R&D&i
    • Analytical Technology
    • Technical Support
    • Administration and Finance
    • Quality Management Systems
    • Computing
    • Personnel Management
  • Establish contacts for future employment possibilities

Universities and Centres that are part of our programme


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