In line with the new regulatory requirements, CNTA is implementing a set of practices within the framework of its regulatory compliance policy.

We have a Code of Conduct, which defines the values and principles that should guide the conduct of all individuals and stakeholders associated with the Centre and establishes a framework of conduct in order to guarantee them.

CNTA has implemented a criminal liability risk management model through the implementation of a Crime Prevention Plan in which the potential risks of irregular conduct have been identified, controls to avoid such conduct have been established and organs and suitable tools with which to detect, correct and sanction such conduct have been created.

The purpose of these actions is to protect the entity both before the law and in terms of its prestige and reputation.

Our Crime Prevention Plan envisages that all employees and external partners acting on behalf of CNTA and/or for its account should follow and respect current legislation, the Code of Conduct and internal protocols at all times. The cooperation of partners, customers and suppliers when it comes to detecting irregular conduct is of the utmost importance in this prevention work.

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