Nutrition and health

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Nutrition and health

The concepts of food and health have always gone hand in hand. The importance of a healthy diet in preventing numerous illnesses is a clearly evidenced fact.
We research strategies to reduce the fat, sugar or salt content of foods, to eliminate allergens, to enrich foods with functional ingredients such as fibre, protein, omega fatty acids or polyphenols, to replace animal-sourced ingredients with plant-based ones, etc. To do this, we perform in-depth research on the technological and sensorial functionality of the food ingredients and new processing technologies that allow for the processing of adapted formulas, or that have an impact on the organoleptic properties of the food.
Customised nutrition and the modulation of microbiota using diet are two fields of interest in our research activities: the study of the impact of active ingredients on health, its relationship with genetic indicators, or the influence of diverse types of fibre on human microbiota, are just some of our fields of research in these field, in collaboration with nutritional research centres.


  • Industrial kitchen
  • Formulators, vacuum cooking systems and diverse pieces of culinary equipment
  • Vegetable washer and centrifuge
  • Pressure homogenizer
  • Auxiliary equipment: turbo food processor, mechanical press, dicer-slicer, etc.
  • Continuous treatment line and sterile packaging of liquid, semi-solid and particulate foods:
  • Pasteurisation and preservation line: horizontal and rotating autoclave
  • Packaging line: bag and tray sealing machines, gas mixer with vacuum application and/or modified atmosphere injection, can and jar closing machines
  • Climatic chambers
  • Sampling room
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