Research projects

Obtaining bioactives for use in preventing obesity and metabolic syndrome using the fractionation of natural extracts

Development of omega-3 acid-rich supplements in powder for the food and nutraceutical industry

Assessing pesticide residue techniques in food matrices: Triple quadrupole mass spectrometry against high resolution mass spectrometry

Development of a new malt cooking method based on the application of dough transfer improvement technologies: HVPC and ultrasounds

Development of an electronic device to identify micro-organisms on “a strain level” during fermentation processes

Development of a biological control organism (BCO) to control fungal illnesses in mushroom culture

SFF technology to develop high added-value products

Development of new varieties and new treatment processes of hops for the brewing industry

Development of tools to manage microbiological food deterioration risks

New technological and functional developments based on D.O. Navarra extra virgin olive oil and its sub-products for application in the food, nutraceutical and cosmetics industries

Smart Agrofood CHain Management. Platform for managing information on the food value chain

Design of a lactic fermentation starter with technological potential (elaboration stage) or functional potential (on animal health) in plant by-product silage for ruminant livestock feed

Development of process strategies to minimise the risk of microbiological alterations in frozen vegetables

Development Plan to maximise the impact of CNTA and companies in the Agrifood Sector in Horizon 2020

Resource efficient and safe food production and processing

Deployment of high pressure and temperature food processing for sustainable, safe and nutritious foods with fresh-like quality

New bio-based food packaging materials with enanched barrier properties

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