“Nanotechnology solution with antimicrobial effect and easy-to-clean properties to be applied in the agri-food industry”

Collaborative Project:

  • Technology Centre Lurederra
  • National Technology and food Safety Centre(CNTA)


Objective: To develop an innovative multifunctional nano-coating, with antimicrobial effect and easy-to-clean properties. Thus, through a nanotechnological product easy to apply on different metal substrates, capable of adhering without aggressive heat treatments, suitable for contact with food, durable and cost-effective. Cross-contamination, biofilm generation and reduction of high costs in cleaning and disinfection of production lines in the agri-food sector can be mitigated.


There is currently no solution on the market that combines all these features. Therefore, this nano-rediscovery will have great positive implications both for the environment and public health, as well as for the agri-food industry, allowing to increase the competitiveness of a sector with great weight in the economy of Navarra.


“This project has been funded by the Government of Navarre via the calling for Grants for Technology Centres and Research Bodies and the diffusion of knowledge to undertake R&D projects 2018”



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