“New bio-based food packaging materials with enhanced barrier properties”

The main aim of the BioBarr Project is to achieve a biological and biodegradable source for food packaging material.
Lasting 4 years, this research and innovation project was implemented in June 2017, belonging to the JTI programme by Bioindustrias (Joint Technology Initiative on Bio-Based Industries).
CNTA’s role within this project comprises various objectives. On the one hand, it is responsible for analysing and validating the material developed, for which it provides knowledge in the interaction between packaging and the food it contains. It is a critical aspect of defining the suitable nature of the materials that are going to be in contact with food, as only materials that can guarantee the food safety of the products can be used. To validate these materials, they must pass the total and specific migration test, which measures whether chemical components from the material transfer to the food. On the other hand, CNTA is responsible for studying the biodegradability and composting properties of the materials, using standardised laboratory methods.
Finally, it is in charge of validating the different durability requirements of a product, for bakery, pastry and confectionery sector products, with the aim of increasing the shelf-life of the product by at least 10%.
The consortium comprises 7 partners, among which are: the business association of food industries in Italy, Tecnoalimenti (coordinator), the Bio-on and Icimendue companies from Italy, and the Spanish company, Kao Chimigraf; universities from Denmark and Finland: Denmark Tekniske Universitet and Tampere University of Technology; and the Spanish technology centre CNTA (National Centre for Food Technology and Safety).


“This project has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Underetaking under the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under gran agreement Nº 745586”

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