“Design of a lactic fermentation starter with technological or functional potential in plant by-product silage for ruminant livestock feed”.


  • TRASA: Tratamiento Subproductos Agroalimentarios S.L.
  • CNTA: National Centre for Food Technology and Safety

The project’s overall objective is to identify, analyse and study lactic bacteria strains with technological and health potential. The commercial aim is to achieve the differentiation of TRASA’s final product commercialised in the livestock sector, and to facilitate the commercial usage of characterised lactic strains for industrial use. Furthermore, an environmental objective is to achieve a better use of agrifood by-products from vegetable processing companies.




This project has been funded by the Government of Navarre via the calling for Grants for Technology Centres and Research Bodies and the diffusion of knowledge to undertake R&D projects 2017

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