“Urban Circular Biorefinery in Navarra”

Collaborative project:

  • Leader: CENER
  • Participants: CNTA y UPNA



Design a new concept of integral and cascade recovery of the different fractions that make up the organic fraction of urban solid waste (OFUSW) to obtain bioproducts with greater added value applying the concept of circular economy.

This has allowed the concept of urban biorefinery to be fully developed, making full use of the fraction coming from what goes beyond merely energy (biogas production) and agriculture (fertilizer production).

Specifically, the valuation has focused on the domestic organic matter separated at origin, free of improper, which allows having a higher quality material for the conversion processes. Carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, lignin and ash have been considered among the fractions to be evaluated.


”This project has been funded by the Government of Navarre via the calling for Grants for Technology Centres and Research Bodies and the diffusion of knowledge to undertake R&D projects 2018”

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