“Advanced analysis technologies for quality control of fruit and vegetable products”

Participants :

  • Centro Nacional de Tecnología y Seguridad Alimentaria (CNTA)
  • Smart Cities Institute of Universidad Pública de Navarra

Objective: Investigate the potential of an innovative technology that meets the 4.0 requirements for monitoring quality parameters in the agri-food industry.

Specifically, image analysis and spectroscopy techniques have been addressed based on hyperspectral studies covering bands such as visible, NIR and Terahertz (THz).

Its potential to determine the quality of different types of tomato has been studied, focusing on the following parameters: surface damage, size, firmness, color, soluble solids content and titratable acidity.

The agri-food industry will benefit from having analysis technologies that can be used to make decisions in real time, increasing the efficiency of its processes, as well as supporting the achievement of the desired final quality.

The project is framed within the CNTA strategic area of “Sensory target“.



‘’This project has been funded by the Government of Navarra through the call for aid to Technology Centers and Research Agencies and dissemination of knowledge for the realization of R&D projects 2018″


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