The purpose of this aid is to finance the investments envisaged in the development of the CNTA Strategic Plan for the achievement of the following objectives:

  1. Consolidate the technological center.
  2. Improve your level of excellence and specialization.
  3. Encourage the transfer to companies of research results.
  4. Contribute to the achievement of the objectives in the food chain area of the Intelligent Specialization Strategy of Navarra (RIS3).


In particular, these are investments in new facilities and equipment necessary for the development of the following strategic lines:

1st. Food safety 4.0.
2nd. Target sensory.
3rd. Analytical.
4th. Industrial microbiology.
5th. New conservation technologies.
6th. Forefront.
7th. Exploitation of results.

Nominative grant to CNTA for the realization of the investments covered by the Strategy Development Plan 2017-2020.

 BDNS code: 462947.

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