Cross-border network for the protection of the authenticity of Euroregion quality marks

Program: Programa transfronterizo Aquitania – Euskadi – Navarra

Duration:  December 2019  –  June 2021


Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) and  Traditional Specialties Guaranteed (TSG) are the three differentiated quality modalities regulated by the European Union. There are currently 100 PDOs and 67 PGIs in the Euroregion. The development and application of tools that allow to define the origin of a food, enabling the identification of frauds, implies an added value for any product received from one or another modality of differentiated quality.

The project “Cross-border network for the protection of the authenticity of euroregion quality marks” aims to protect authenticity and strengthen the image of quality and root with the territory of different PDO and PGIs products of the Euroregion. The project first aims to create and then strengthen a cross-border network with the participation of very varied actors with the aim of identifying common challenges in terms of providing added value to distinguished products with some kind of differentiated quality by applying tools that make it possible to ensure the provenance of a particular product by minimizing, in this way , the effects caused by the presence of fraud on the market. To do this, it is intended to optimize a method based on the combination of elemental analysis with the analysis of stable isotopes. The effectiveness of the method will be used as a case study for the Piquillo peppers of Lodosa. The possibility of applying this technique in the case of wines from Juran-on, Bizkaiko txakolina and PDO Navarra will also be explored.



This project has been financed by the call for projects of eurorregión New-Aquitania Euskadi Navarra

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