”Platform to make decisions and fast monitoring based on artificial intelligence for quality control and food safety”  

Collaborative Project:

Leader: IAR


– HELPHONE (Partner)
– DAS-NANO (Partner)
– FLORETTE (Partner)
– URZANTE (Partner)
– CNTA (Partner)
– UPNA (Partner)
– AIN (Partner)


The strategic objective is to enhance digital transformation of food industry through the integration of automation and intelligent data management which facilitates a flexible and efficient production, cost reduction and waste minimization, as well as a better environment adaptation and consumer requirements.

The objective will be develop through the growth on a Big Data Platform for making decisions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) which helps to predict product quality and food safety. The information will be generate from several sources as  fast monitoring sensors based on forefront technologies (NIR, Hyperspectral, Ultrasound, Terahertz and Volatile Sensors) optimized with AI. Thus, operative objectives are:

  • To study needs and define their requirements
  •  Investigate and develop new technologies (NIR, Hyperspectral, Ultrasound, Terahertz and Volatile Sensors) to online/automatic fast monitoring food quality and safety.
  • Making concept test to check monitoring techniques viability for AI application
  • Establish cause-effect relations and behavior patrons between inner and external food process conditions, the throughput, quality and final product safety obtained by AI patterns.
  • Design platform architecture  based on AI which integrates the AI patterns information and another sensor available data, chain, product which  led make better decisions


“This project has been funded by the Government of Navarre via the calling for R&D Strategic Projects 2020-2022

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