”Moving on nutrition of people with special requirements”

Collaborative Project:

Coordinator: DOMUSVI


-ADACEN (Partner)
-TUTTI PASTA (Partner)
-IAN (Partner)
-FRISA (Partner)
-COCUUS (Partner)
-CNTA (Partner)
-UNAV (Partner)
-CHN (Partner)
-ADITECH (Partner)


The main objective is to investigate and develop ingredients, food and balanced nutritional diets or with a healthy profile, generate specific textures and visually attractive which prevents pathologies, improving the quality of live for people specially vulnerable:


Elder people over 70 years old

Persons with an intellectual disability / mental illness

Person who has a previos damage on lePersonas que han sufrido lesiones (i.e. ictus) which causes main damage or quadriplegic

For that purpose the next specific technical objectives:

  • Identify nutritional requirements and objectives for target population
  • Develop new food preparation strategies and technologies to obtain suitable textures for people with chewing and swallowing problems
  • Identify, characterize funcional ingredients to prevent pathologies (i.e fragility, metabolic syndrome, obesity…)
  • Design and develop new ranges of food products nutritionally complete and with a healthy function and attractive and adequate sensorial characteristics to the target population
  • Research the acceptance and the impact of new range of food products and specific menus of the target population. The target population is recognized as strategic partners in the project taking part in the project and ensuring develop acceptance.

The strategic objective is improve life quality and the equality for those people with specific requirements for having a correct nutrition, leading a negative impact in their lives. A complete nutrition and sensory enjoyable is basic to get in a short and long period of time a good healthy state, prevent illness and obtain population satisfaction from monotonous diets.



”This project has been funded by the Government of Navarra through the call for aid to strategic R&D projects 2020-2022”

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