“SACHeM – Smart Agrofood CHain Management. Platform for managing information on the food value chain”

Associated members:

  • Elara Ingenieros
  • CNTA

General Objectivel: Develop an automation and integration platform for data flows within the supply chain, which will allow the quality and safety of food to be guaranteed, as well as optimisation, improving productive processes and following up manufacturing costs.

The implementation of this project entails the following objectives:

  • Achieve two-way operation between the management systems of the agents involved: the development platform, factory control systems and LIMS.
  • Manage data flows compiled from the field to the end client.
  • Extend the monitoring of critical parameters relating to food products and the conditions in which they are produced.
  • Enable the easy implementation of corrective measures and actions..
  • Continue the process optimally and precisely, as well as analytical information in real time and manufacturing costs of the products.
  • Facilitate the adoption of the solution using a hybrid and modular infrastructure architecture, with open, secure and flexible interfaces that are compatible with other management systems.
  • Big Data. Consult the company’s historical data, statistical management, indicators, trends and predictive analysis.




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