Measures against Covid-19 at CNTA

We would like to inform you about the measures adopted by CNTA against the Covid-19 pandemic.

These measures have been adopted in view of the recommendations made by the authorities and based on CNTA’s principles of responsibility.

As an important actor involved in the proper functioning of the food chain, we are acting responsibly while continuing to work during our normal hours. Therefore, and in response to the inquiries made, we would like to make it clear that samples can still be sent as normal.

The responsibility to others goes hand in hand with our responsibility to ensure the safety of our team of staff. With this aim in mind, all those activities that do not require the physical presence of our personnel at the CNTA facilities shall be performed remotely. Therefore, all CNTA employees who are able to telework shall do so from their homes with the same working hours as usual, thereby guaranteeing that, despite the circumstances, CNTA’s activity is carrying on.

For these very reasons, we have postponed training activities, consumer tastings and all events at our facilities. Visits to the CNTA facilities are also highly restricted, only permitting those that are strictly necessary. In this way we can guarantee the correct operation of the centre.

We hope that these measures help contribute to the necessary balance between guaranteeing the activity of the food chain while minimising direct personal interaction.

We will continue to be available through our normal channels. Feel free to contact us, through the usual channels, to get more information about this or any other matter.

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