Commitment to the environment

Commitment to the environment

Committed to the environment and taking steps each day with the help of all the staff

After the 1992 Rio de Janeiro Summit and with the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol in February 2005, companies are making major efforts in their commitment with the environment

For this reason, and since the very outset of CNTA’s activity, it has been working to improve the environment and to reduce contamination. To do this we have a series of guidelines that help us meet our targets.

Our guidelines

  • Minimising waste
  • Waste sorting at the source
    • Non-hazardous waste
      • Organic waste
      • Packaging waste
      • Glass
    • Hazardous waste
      • Solvents and mixtures of halogenated solvents
      • Solvents and mixtures of non-halogenated solvents
      • Waste chemical products. Laboratory reagents (Kg)
      • Batteries (Alkaline and Button Cell)
      • Contaminated material
      • Used oil
      • Aqueous chemical products that contain RPS
      • Contaminated plastic packaging
      • Contaminated glass packaging
  • Correct waste management via waste managers authorised by the Government of Navarre.
  • Reasonable use of natural and energy resources
  • Compliance with all legal requisites in terms of the environment and environmental protection.

Our commitment

We are committed to the environment and taking steps each day with the help of all the staff that make up CNTA to improve our environmental management system.

Integrated policy

Integrated policy for quality, the environment and occupational hazard prevention

Our policy is to achieve a high level of Quality and Safety in all of our actions, providing services and technical support to the Agrifood Industry.


Our commitment

Fulfil the requisites

established with the client, all legal environmental requisites, regulations related to the service and those subscribed by the organisation.

Health and safety

Guarantee the health and safety of the people that form part of the organisation.

Environmental Protection

Guarantee the preservation and protection of the Environment, minimising the environmental impact of our organisation’s activity..

Our actions

  • Applying the utmost scientific-technical rigour when carrying out trials and in the interpretation and compliance with regulations in accordance with the needs of our clients.
  • Pursuing conformity with the Quality System with necessary means with the specifications of the Benchmark Standards (UNE-EN-ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001), undertaking an ongoing improvement processes that enables us to meet objectives.
  • Exercising appropriate control over the technical activities and organisational solutions available to achieve the contents of the previous sections.
  • Actively protecting the health and safety of workers and facilities, as a basic principle for the development of activity, achieving safe processes and operations for both workers and clients.
  • We take on the commitment of fulfilling legal requirements, regulations and other rules undersigned in the field of Quality, the Environment and Occupational Hazard Prevention.
  • Extend the commitment to implement the Policy and System.
  • Establish viable targets and challenges and carry out regular follow up of them using their corresponding indicators.
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