Technology Transfer

With Technology Transfer, CNTA aims to ensure that the knowledge we generate is channelled to the industry through suitable means, so the sector can implement it in the undertaking of its activity, generating a high level of added value and thus increasing its competitiveness.

At CNTA we transfer knowledge using the following channels:


High added value services

Creating new, high added value services that are able to meet the industry’s current needs and allow us to anticipate the future needs.


Licensing/selling IP

Licensing/selling IP so that the knowledge developed within the framework of the different research studies or projects, can be transferred and applied effectively in the industry by conceding user licenses or by selling license ownership.


Start-ups together with strategic partners

Creating start-ups together with strategic partners that contribute towards strengthening the competitiveness of the industry. This is one of the fundamental channels for ensuring the effective transfer of knowledge generated by CNTA.

Success stories in creating Start-ups

Since 2017 CNTA has participated as a founding partner in the Start-up Nucaps®. Nucaps® is a European company with headquarters in Navarre, and is pioneer in offering new encapsulation technology for the industrial development of nanocapsules and biocapsules for bioactives and probiotics.


Developing knowledge transfer projects.

CNTA has broad experience in developing R&D projects in collaboration with companies and bodies on a regional, national and European level.

Research projects

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