Shelf-life studies


Shelf-life studies

Shelf-life is the period in which a food remains safe to consume and/or retains its quality in reasonable foreseeable distribution, storage and usage conditions. The shelf-life of a product starts the moment it is produced and/or packaged and can depend on numerous factors and handling conditions.

This kind of study allows for obtaining and documenting of any evidence that proves that the shelf-life of a food is precise and that the food will remain safe and/or will retain its quality until the end of said shelf-life.

Though the general responsibility for food safety falls on the food trade operators, there is not a generic method to estimate and establish the shelf-life of foods. Based on our experience, at CNTA we propose a food shelf-life estimation methodology based on studies under standard or accelerated conditions, whenever possible.

Thanks to this we can:

  • Estimate, establish and verify the safety and quality of the foods throughout their shelf-life.
  • Establish the expiry/preferable consumption date with certainty, to be included on the label

CNTA Methodology:

1 Identifying deterioration processes/reasons for the specific expiry of the product in question
2 Microbiological validation. Durability studies. Microbiological challenge studies (“Challenge tests”)
3 Product quality assessment

At CNTA we approach shelf-life studies in 3 steps. Depending on needs and objectives, they are addressed collectively or just those necessary.

Why choose CNTA?

CNTA has broad experience and knowledge in sensorial objectification. To carry this out we have:



Researchers and technicians specialising in: food science and technology, chemistry, biology, agronomic engineering and nutrition.



  • Climatic chambers
  • Microbiology laboratory
  • Sensorial quality laboratory


Research areas

  • Ingredients
  • Nutrition and health
  • Vegetable protein
  • New Strategies and Preservation Technologies

All of these aspects, along with our experience accumulated since 1981 in finding technical solutions to industry challenges, make CNTA the best ally for carrying out shelf-life studies.

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