Operational efficiency


Operational efficiency

The current setting demands maximum competitiveness, and to achieve this efficiency in processes is a key factor. With this efficiency, we can achieve more streamlined, flexible and productive food industries, that are able to operate with more quality and lower costs.

CNTA’s Operational Efficiency service aims to help companies become more competitive using actions focusing on the ongoing improvement of their organisation and key processes, and the active participation and training of staff bases.

This service is specially developed for the agrifood industry, it has proven and tested methodology, it is customised to each company and is clearly results-orientated. The services offered are:

  • Implementation of improvement systems:
    • Analysis and diagnostics
    • Process optimisation: 5S organisation and cleanliness, reducing change times, maintenance management, improvement workshops
    • Planning and logistics: warehouse design, lay-out of lines and plants, internal logistics, supply chain, pull systems.
    • Quality assurance: problem solving, risk analysis, error reduction
    • Participative management system
  • Lean project management
    • Industrialisation of new products,
    • Visual management of projects (Obeya)
  • Development and training workers in management tools and systems to ensure the ongoing improvement of processes. Open/in-company training courses

What common issues do we resolve?

  • Low efficiency of lines and processes
  • Lengthy manufacturing times
  • Low-quality operations, re-processing and rejections
  • Large warehouses and excess stock
  • Long delays in changing the format of machines
  • Low involvement and participation of staff in improvements

To give a better response, CNTA has pooled its knowledge and experience in the food industry with the ACMP, experts in organisational and process improvement, with over 20 years of experience with companies in the sector.

Since 2013, we have developed around 80 projects in SMEs and large-scale companies from the different sub-sectors of the industry: storage, product creation and packaging, beverages or the wine-making sector

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