Professionals in the food industry need to update their knowledge in an environment that is constantly evolving, then take that knowledge to the companies where they work.

Technical development of professionals in the sector

Having a qualified technical team enables companies to drive their processes forward, develop new products and offer streamline responses to market needs, contributing to placing competitive and differentiated products in the market.

CNTA offers:

The training subject areas are:

  • Food safety, legislation and quality
  • Innovation and process improvement
  • Technology and processes in the agrifood sector
  • Analytical control of food
  • Specific training for exportation to the USA

CNTA has broad experience in training professionals from the agrifood sector, training an average of over 500 students a year. It also has its own trainers with experience in the industry, enabling us to take the latest scientific knowledge and make it real.

CNTA is an entity recognised by the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It is authorised to organise and teach the BPCS (Better Process Control School) with its own staff, compulsory training programme for exporting acidified or low-acidity products to the USA. It also has accredited PCQI trainers (Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals), compulsory qualification for exporting food products to the USA.

Since 2016, CNTA has been the first “IFS Training Academy” in Spain and is authorised to give official courses of the IFS standard.

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