Customised in-company training

Customised in-company training

Customised in-company training

CNTA is a technology centre with expertise in food safety and technology, offering specialised technical training to the agrifood sector.

It designs tailor-made training plans built around the needs of each company using the following methodology:

CNTA Methodology

1 Client needs analysis based on:

  • A thorough knowledge of the client
  • An analysis of the targets set
2 Designing a tailor-made training plan with actions, duration, location, teachers, etc., shaped perfectly to fit each project and client
3 Undertaking training actions. These can be given within the client's facilities or in-house at CNTA
4 Analysis of the results and level of client satisfaction

Thanks to its knowledge of the sector and its teaching team, comprising technicians with expertise in the day to day running of the industry, CNTA offers training in the following fields:

26 courses Food safety and quality
14 courses Innovation and process improvement
12 courses Technology and processes in the agrifood sector
15 courses Analytical control of food
6 courses Legislation

CNTA is the “IFS Academy Training” in Spain. We are the first Spanish entity authorised to give official IFS (International Food Standard) courses.


CNTA is authorised by the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to organise and give the course with its own staff:

  • BPCS (Better Process Control School): compulsory course for exporting acidified or low acidity products to the USA

CNTA has accredited trainers qualified to give the course:

  • • PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual): compulsory course for exporting food products to the USA
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