Ongoing R&D consultancy


Ongoing R&D consultancy

High competitiveness means that for companies to reach their targets and to stand out in the market, they must increase their R&D activity and ensure that it is more streamlined. To do this companies need an additional extra in terms of knowledge, resources, experience and tools.

With its on-going R&D consultancy service, CNTA offers its full R&D potential as a technology centre specialising in the food industry, adapted to the individual needs of each company.

Ongoing Consultancy aims to expand the client’s R&D department capacities with CNTA’s knowledge, resources and experience, in a streamlined and flexible way, so the company can overcome challenges as they arise.

Thanks to this we can:

  • Expand the client’s R&D department capacities with CNTA’s knowledge, resources and experience, in a streamlined and flexible way, so the company can overcome challenges as they arise

CNTA Methodology:

The methodology consists in allocating a CNTA consultant for every client, who will coordinate the R&D activity that is conducted and who will regularly respond to the client regarding the fulfilment of targets established by the client.

  • Estimation of the hours spent on different aspects each month and availability.
  • Setting up the fixed monthly fee.
  • The service is adapted completely to the needs of the company and if one month there is a specific need for additional hours to be allocated, arrangements will be made beforehand with the company and this will be invoiced separately.

The cost of materials, analysis and transfer entailed in the activities that will be carried out will be quoted separately.

2 VISIT TO THE CLIENT COMPANY* 1 or 2 day stay at the client’s company to:

  • Get to know the product, the facilities and the work team
  • Establish a joint methodology
  • Set up a work plan and readjust the dedicated time proposed

* (In the event of contracting over 6 months, the cost will be considered as included within the fee)

3 CNTA’S WORK The types of R&D activities that can be carried out are:

  • Performing on-demand research and developments
  • Designing and executing experiments
  • Executing R&D tests and trials
  • Analysing and interpreting results
  • Technical consultancy: assessment and proposing solutions or alternatives to the challenges posed
  • Literary reviews: study and analysis of the bibliography and/or technical documentation

Possibility of agreeing to include other activities depending on requirements

  • Review of the work carried out
  • Plan of the following two-month period
  • Attention to enquiries, needs or emergencies that may arise


  • Activity report

Time dedication report

¿Por qué con CNTA?

CNTA has far-reaching experience and knowledge in guiding companies in R&D. To carry this out we have:



Researchers and technicians specialised in: food science and technology, chemistry, biology, agronomic engineering and nutrition.



  • Pilot Plant
  • Laboratories


Research areas

  • Ingredients
  • Nutrition and health
  • Vegetable protein
  • New Strategies and Preservation Technologies
  • Industrial Microbiology
  • Sensorial Objetivo
  • Quality and Food Safety 4.0
  • Circular economy: Recovering sub-products: Extraction / fermentation substrate



All of these aspects, along with our experience accumulated since 1981 in finding technical solutions to industry challenges, make CNTA the best ally for providing ongoing R&D consultancy.

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