Product development and improvement


Product development and improvement

Developing new food and beverage products is a complex process that requires knowledge of the ingredients, the formulation of foods, their processing techniques, their packaging, food legislation, aspects of food quality and safety and consumer demands and preferences from a sensorial perspective.

At CNTA we provide our experience and knowledge in all of these fields. We also have all the necessary facilities: kitchen for product development, and facilities in the pilot plant, so that ideas can be developed from conception to prototyping.

Thanks to this we can achieve:

  • Reformulated products
  • New products
  • Novel foods
  • Functional products
  • Natural products

CNTA Methodology:

1 Selecting and/or developing ingredients based on their functionality and technological features
2 Designing formulations and associated processes
3 Creating prototypes (laboratory and pilot plant)
4 Adapting / developing packaging
5 Fully evaluating the products:

  • Sensorial
  • Shelf life
  • Nutritional characterisation
6 Optimising formulations and processes
7 Providing technical assistance in labelling, nutritional and/or health claims
8 Guidance in the technical, quality and safety aspects of industrialisation

¿Por qué con CNTA?

CNTA has broad experience and knowledge in the development and improvement of products, so its ideas can be developed from the moment they are conceived through to prototyping. To carry this out we have:



Researchers and technicians specialised in: food science and technology, chemistry, biology, agronomic engineering and nutrition.



  • Pilot scale fermenter 50L
  • Experimental fermenters (2-7 L)
  • Anaerobic incubation cabin
  • DHPLC Transgenomic System with fraction collector for DNA analysis (SNPs, etc.)
  • Cell culture system
  • Phase-contrast microscope with epifluorescence lamp
  • Deep freezers (-80C)
  • Microbiology Laboratory
  • Molecular Biology Laboratory


Research areas

  • Ingredients
  • Nutrition and health
  • Vegetable protein
  • New Strategies and Preservation Technologies
  • Industrial Microbiology
  • Sensorial Objectification
  • Quality and Food Safety 4.0
  • Circular economy: Recovering sub-products: Extraction / fermentation substrate

All of these aspects, along with our experience accumulated since 1981 in finding technical solutions to industry challenges, make CNTA the best ally for obtaining strains and the functional characterisation of micro-organisms.

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