Generation of samples and prototypes


Generation of samples and prototypes

When the industry is developing a process or a product, it may require additional resources that allow it to generate and validate samples on a small scale.

CNTA’s pilot plant is available to offer support to the industry in developing processes and products.  It can also be a resource for food companies that are starting up, or that are assessing new formulations, packaging formats or processes.

The pilot plant has specialised equipment for the preservation process, pre-prepared and pre-cooked convenience food, bakery products, sterile packaging for liquid and semi-solid products, and other operations such as curing, high-pressure homogenising, vacuum cooking, extraction and purification, among others. We also have fully-trained multidisciplinary staff to assist any operations.

Thanks to this we can achieve:

  • Small-scale sample generation and validation as a step prior to the scaling of the process and to generating batches for validation with consumers.



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