Food safety


Food safety

Companies must not only comply with a series of legal requisites in the production country and in destination countries, but also with client requirements. Both are reflected in the certifiable Standards or with particular specifications.

Compliance with these Standards and specifications make companies more trustworthy among the other parts of the food chain, because food safety standards are met. This trust lets companies enter more demanding markets.

CNTA offers the following services:

  • Consultancy for the implementation and improvement of legal requisites for food handling in Spain (sanitary record, HACCP and United States (requisites derived from FSMA)
  • Guidance for the implementation of voluntary food safety management systems: IFS, BRC, ISO-22000, HACCP
  • Internal audits of systems and processes
  • Design and optimisation of control plans to verify the quality and safety of the product

CNTA has specialised technical staff that are in constant contact with the reality of companies thanks to visits to production plants where they actively collaborate in implementing and improving requisites. Furthermore, the centre’s other services allow us to gauge first-hand understanding of cutting-edge techniques and methodologies, enabling us to apply them directly with clients.

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