In-process assistance


In-process assistance

Industrial processes should be controlled by companies so as to ensure the food safety and quality of its products. Furthermore, they should all meet a series of legal and commercial requisites, ensuring they undergo an optimum control process.

CNTA offers a solution to controlling industrial processes, and takes on the role of process authority, providing its clients with its knowledge in: the critical factors that should be controlled and validated, compliance with minimum requirements, and in other crucial factors for the optimum establishment of a process on an industrial scale.

  • Guidance in the industrial development of processes and products
  • Validation of thermal preservation treatments
  • Integral management of the exportation process of food to the USA
  • Validation of in-plant hygiene systems
  • Development of tests of processes and products in a pilot plant
  • Calibration services in different magnitudes
  • Intercomparison exercises for company laboratories

We have broad experience in developing, implementing and assessing the thermal processes used in the industry. According to the FDA, we are the Spanish entity that processes the most documents for exporting food products to the USA. We also collaborate and sponsor the IFTPS (Institute for Thermal Process Specialists), which is the North American corporation that harmonises thermal process validation standards recognised by the FDA on an international level.

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